The Wild Idea That Paid Off Virtual Chat Series:

Meet 9 Forward Thinkers Who Took Their Wild Ideas All the Way to the Bank

Aren’t You Just a Tiny Bit Curious To Know How They Did It?

Have you ever had a great idea, NOT taken action…
then lived to regret it?

Get ready to meet 9 successful, forward thinking business owners who took action on a wild idea. A crazy idea. And it PAID OFF!

Join host Nancy Marmolejo in these provocative “TED”-style talks designed to give you the momentum, permission, encouragement, and concrete tips to turn YOUR wild ideas into something big.You’ll love the compact format (no long lectures or pitches), practical advice, funny stories, and inspiring insights each guest brings to the table.


Kickoff Speaker Michael Port:Michael Port is a New York Times best-selling author, MSNBC regular commentator, rousing speaker, and respected business mentor. He’s also a contrarian, uncommonly honest, and living proof that taking action on wild ideas can be fun, profitable, and richly rewarding. Michael isn’t just going to motivate you- he’s also going to give you precise action steps to take so you can turn your wild ideas into action and results.


Wealthy Thought Leader, Andrea J Lee:Andrea Lee is a visionary business and life coach who guides exceptional clients to the success they seek, while championing them to become more and more uniquely themselves. As the founder of The Wealthy Thought Leader, Andrea makes a living out of innovation and wild ideas. Andrea is a champion for creative action and her insights will inspire you to think beyond your possibilities.


Marketing Qi’s Ellen Britt:What happens when a sensible, conventional marketer starts infusing her work with a Southern drawl and the perfume of magnolias? Well, if you’re Ellen Britt, people will start calling you crazy. “They won’t get it, they won’t get you, why bother” were the messages she got when she decided that Southern culture needed to be part of her brand and message. Was it a good idea or a branding flop? Well, judging from Ellen’s success let’s just say she bet on the right horse. Listen to Ellen share why she chose to do this, how it’s paid off and how you can infuse more of YOU into your marketing without being gimmicky or untrue. Definitely a wild idea worth taking action on!


Escape From Cubicle Nation Author, Pamela Slim:Pamela Slim is the author of the best-selling book “Escape from Cubicle Nation”, a sought after speaker, widely read blogger and co-founder of The Lift Off Retreat. At an early age, Pam took action on a wild idea that served as a foundation for later success. By mustering up the nerve to have one single conversation with a very important person, Pam activated a lifelong skill of getting doors to open up for her. Find out who this important person was, what she learned, and how you too can turn wild ideas into massive success using this skill.


Productive Flourishing’s Charlie Gilkey:Charlie Gilkey is the founder of Productive Flourishing, a service dedicated to helping creative people thrive in both business and life. With a background in both philosophy and military logistics, Charlie brings a unique sensibility to his role as an entrepreneur. After being inspired by the South by Southwest music and entertainment conference, Charlie decided he wanted to create a similar experience for his clients. The consensus from his advisors: don’t do it! Find out how Charlie and his friend Pamela Slim birthed the incredibly successful Lift Off Retreat, about to embark on its 6th run. He not only shares this success story, but gives some exact tips that every entrepreneur must know before stepping into the unknown of Wild Ideas.


Blogging Guru Jack Humphrey:Social media pioneer and blog guru Jack Humphrey was sitting on a gold mine with a highly valuable $197 information product about to launch… then he decided to give it away. Jack’s a wild and crazy guy to begin with, but people thought he’d truly lost it with this idea. Discover how what looked like an expensive experiment in generosity turned into over $750,000 of revenue within a few months. Jack’s instincts knew better than common reason and he’ll share exactly what he did and how you can take big chances for big payoffs too!


BrandU’s Kim Castle:Back in the olden days of the internet, before Google and YouTube even existed, BrandU co-creator Kim Castle had a SERIOUSLY WILD IDEA that would stretch the capabilities and imaginations of everyone around her… including Paramount Studios who put her and her business partner in charge of the first ever 3-D virtual conference for a major TV show. The event was a huge hit… then financial disaster struck and nothing turned out as planned. Discover how Kim leveraged this “disaster” into a multi-million dollar business idea that continues to serve thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. You’ll love the drama of this wild idea and its happy ending!


The Trailblazer’s Coach, Shawn Driscoll:Shawn Driscoll played like a nice girl in the corporate world, taking on sensible projects and playing the role that was expected of her. Deep down inside she knew there was more she could offer the world, but everyone around her warned her to play it safe and to stick to the status quo. For Shawn, breaking out of the mold upset people, worried her husband, and sparked drama from those around her. Was it worth it? It sure was… find out what taking a big personal leap into a wild idea did for Shawn, how it continues to open doors for her, and how you too can break out of your pre-packaged role.


Your Host and Wildly Creative Thinker, Nancy Marmolejo:Hey, I can’t have a series on Wild Ideas without sharing a few of my own! Simply starting my business was a wild idea people told me would fail… but not knowing what I didn’t know put me in a place of endless curiosity and aversion to risk. Find out how starting my business, leaping into the media, and becoming a social media early adopter all came from spontaneous, wild ideas. Leap and the net will appear… it’s as much about strategy as it is about faith.

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